STOLEN - Yamaha WR250R trail bike - KM59 KZD

Hey guys, my bike was stolen last night Don’t expect to get it back, its probably in 100 pieces or half way to Romania. But who knows… luckily I was insured so fingers crossed no problems claiming. And after all that effort wrestling with my fork seals! Yamaha WR250R – registration - KM59 KZD Fairly rare white plastics. ‘R’ dual purpose trail bike (not the more common ‘F’)Frame no: JYADG201000003172 Distinctive LED turn indicator strip. ROX bar risers, black Renthal bars. Stock exhaust. Steven - 07796 172397

Picture here:

Oh damn man… I remember you being in OMC doing your fork seals (guy on the GSR who wanted to sit on your bike)…

Sorry to hear this… Where was it stolen from? A few times bikes have been found in the local area as they’re dumped in case they have a tracker… worth having a look round just in case

**** news…you might want to post here too if you havent already

hope you get sorted with insurance

sorry to hear that mate… Did they cut through a chain? or just ride it away?

Oh right I’ve seen you and your bike at the OMC as well - was on the green Ninja.

I remember it - will keep my eyes peeled!

Hey guys! Wow what a response, I wasn’t expecting that. Especially the two of you I met at OMC!

Yes after all that hard labour which those fork seals! Yes they cut through the chain. I’m kicking myself now for not investing in an Almax chain!!!

Not holding out any hope of getting it back - but - it is a pretty distinctive bike… it’s insured so hopefully I’ll have no problems with having my claim paid.

Thanks again everyone.