Stolen Vehicles info

I am not entirely sure how secure the above site is but it is being run by both MCN and the Met police so it should have top security as it would look really daft if it didnt.

So check it out and protect your property

I would strongly advise not registering with this. It’s come to my attention that the MCN aspect has been compromised.

Oh dear. Why are they running it in conjunction with the Met then?

I’ve heard this to and its worth being cautious with this sort of thing. From an IT perspective sometimes it’s very easy to find a back way in as although these are done with the best intentions often people don’t spend enough time testing or planning it. Well done to MCN however you are never sure how much investment they are actually making to make it totally secure.

MY bike gets nicked im ringing Barro, less than 24 hours to recover, now that you gotta love

I’ve seen the compromise myself, but we can’t publish the headsup, legal reasons, big lawers etc.