Stolen silver Triumph Daytona 675 KE07 AOT

Woke up this morning to find a cut chain on the pavement outside. It was stolen from Coleridge Rd in Crouch End. I’m particularly gutted as I’d just had several hundred pounds worth of repairs done at Geomoto in Camden. If anyone sees it please let me know!

Here’s a picture:



So sorry to hear that - that’s a gorgeous bike (mind you I am biased having a 675 striple). Hope it is recovered soon - you must be gutted.

I’m a D675 owner so I feel your pain more than most - shitehawks!

I guess the chain was not Allmax right?

I’m pretty cut up about it. I always thought I was pretty careful about where it was left. Normally I’d leave it attached to a lamppost - not that it would’ve made any difference in this instance seeing as they went through the chain.

The PC I spoke to seemed to think it didn’t matter how many alarms and chains were put on them. Pretty depressing really… And he said there was very little chance of it being recovered.

Shitehawks is the word!

gutted brother,

been there just 4 weeks ago - the pain does ease… just very very slowly!