Stolen red/white Yamaha R1 - nw8

My new r1 ( DC16 FWY ) has been stolen this week from q park St. John’s Wood between 915am Monday 15th Aug - 3pm Wednesday 17th Aug . They have angle grinded the chain away . It has clear stomp grips on the tank and black ones below that. :frowning: even took my Oxford cover !




Not another ;-(

If they took the cover they’ll have a use for it, maybe to cover the bike while they wait out to see if it has a tracker. Do a sortie around the local streets and estates.

Good idea.  Check under every cover though, not just your old Oxford one.

Good idea.  Check under every cover though, not just your old Oxford one. Aceman
That makes proper sense, start at ground level, if the wheels look familiar investigate further. You don't want to be mistaken for an up and coming footballer.

shakes head not another one. Feel for you mate.

Thinking of selling the bike before it gets stolen.

Only had it for 6 weeks . Proper crappy . I think it’s long gone . Had a quick look around but it’s like looking for a needle in a hay stack

You’ll be surprised, they are usually left for a day or 2 then taken properly. Check supermarkets and car parks as that is where they usually hide them so they can watch them without looking suspicious.

Yeah, when mine was taken it was found four days later stuffed in the front garden of a ground-floor flat on a nearby housing estate. It’s well worth asking locals, and/or sticking something up in a local shop, in case anyone’s spotted a bike in a funny place.

really! another one…

It is only going to be a matter of time before insurance companies will not insure bikes in certain areas or where they maybe parked. Or they will not insure unless you put a tracker on it…

I’m so sorry for you, sadR1owner! This is getting out of control, so many stolen bikes being posted on this forum alone. God knows how many we never hear about.

Hope you find it, but to be honest, I’ll doubt that’ll happen :(

Ps £2000 reward for information leading to the recovery of the bike

Reports of sightings in Stratford and Erith

Reports of sightings in Stratford and Erith sadR1owner
Maybe you want to include a contact number

07957 293697

I very much doubt it is being used mate. That will be in a lock up somewhere being stripped. Mine was found in a garage with 8 other bikes and loads of stripped down bikes. The copper told me they aren’t finding bikes ready for export as much now, they are mainly being stripped for parts.