Stolen R1250 GSA Rallye

£5000 Reward for info leading to the return or conviction of the scumbags who stole my new R1250 Adventure Rallye HP motorsport white and blue BMW Reg 58 NR from Kew Riverside underground car park early Saturday morning They cut through a Pragmasis 19mm D ground anchor which requires power cutting twice they then removed the tracker before I assume bundling it into a van so this was a professional crew of scumbags. It had a Wunderlich riders seat, and Cruise control. Shad topbox BMW extender side boxes which had Wunderlich luggage carriers attached so quite distinctive An innovv K2 front and rear camera recording system. The bike and parts are very distinctive in that it has the full HP 719 Billet Pack engine covers foot pegs gear and brake levers Mirrors and an HP silencer There was a brand new Arai Tour-X 4 in the top box with BMW Atlantis gloves and a pair of Rukka Claw winter gloves also new. It’s likely it will be broken up for spares so if anyone hears of cheap BMW Bike or spares I would really appreciate you getting in contact.

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Sorry to hear this fella! not really my neck of the woods but will certainly keep my eye peeled.

Hope you get it back.

'kin hell.

With that level of professionalism in the attack I wouldn’t hold much hope of finding the bike, it will be on the Continent by now, or in parts. What a bugger. So sorry to hear this.

A mate gave me a tip to fit two trackers. The thieves will find and remove just the first one hopefully.

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Great tip but also a sad state of affairs when it’s necessary.

A very sorry first post @nicrixon. Sorry to hear about the theft. Hope you beat the odds and get it back. Any camera footage?

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Thanks for comments so far. Unfortunately I agree with them in that it was a pro crew and the bike is in bits or overseas.

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Looks like stolen to order. There can’t be a big parts market for that bike, and you’d hope owners would be more discerning than to buy stolen parts.