Stolen Phone!!!...

For those of you who haven’t heard, I had my phone pick-pocketed on monday night at the Clapham tea-hut. Due to this I am off comm’s for the next couple of days until I can get a replacement, but my number will remain the same, so keep it in your phones;)

See you all at the BM (hopefully)


How did that happen?

I want to meet the guy who was enogh brave to steal it from you. Unlucky m8. Hope you got it insured.

and i thought you were ignoring me !!!

unlucky mate,

Lol… Not ignoring you people, just too busy on a job to get a replacement phone sorted. Should be back on comm’s by friday, possibly saturday :wink:

I popped round the tea hut on my way home tonight, asked about any news on the phone but nothing, really put a downer on a good day out that did :frowning:

How come mate? Where did you keep it?
Thieving scumbags… they even invaded my favourite tea-hut :angry:

It was well wierd, one minute everything was fine, next minute this kid just pops up out of nowhere, then he dissappears and next thing RR can’t find his phone, sh!t end to a great day out!

RR - I have a spare phone and some PAYG sim cards. You’re welcome to it if it’s any help over the next few days :slight_smile: