Stolen MT 07

Gutted for my mate. Had just come back from a ride with me to find his cat stuck on the roof. Quickly parks up his bike gets on roof and see’s a guy on it who gets it started and bins it straight away. Second guy picks it up and rides it off.
I know it’s unlikely it’ll be found and I’ll find out more details soon but please keep your eyes peeled for it. Police response was apparently great as they turned up within 2 minutes but it was of course already gone.

A good reminder to Keep your bikes well locked up even if only leaving it for a minute.



Sorry for him but how’s the cat?

that’s bad luck, so he left the keys on the ignition basically?

LEt’s hope he finds it around some state, it looks like somo opportunistic theft 

Na the key wasn’t left in it. Just shit luck. He didn’t put the chain on it.

@ jets I think the cat is fine

They must operate locally to know his bike or to have followed him!

They started it without the key?

Does the MT-07 not come with an immobiliser as std?

@Pat - yes, they come standard with an immobiliser. I have no idea how they would have got it started without the key, I didn’t think you could.

Just some good news for your Friday. It’s been found!!!

Just some good news for your Friday. It's been found!!! Changyammi
Tell us more. Where? when? etc...

Please write up some more when you have a minute.

Don’t know much else. It’s at a police impound at the moment and as the insurance wasn’t claimed its going home. Not till Tuesday as the owner is away.

I’ll keep you updated.


See this is the thing right. They have immobilizers. So how are they so easily bypassed? Eh? Manufacturers just don’t care. Pah. Feckers.

Did they start it or did they do the usual thing of push it along with another bike beside it??
You can’t start them so they take them off and get the ignition out elsewhere

Good friday news :slight_smile:

First we hear from Marmablade and now from you. Please keep us updated on specifics as they come in. thank you!

Good news.

What seat is on that one? It’s not the stock one.

If the cat got up on the roof I guarantee the stupid thing could get back down

If this was my horror story that cat would be abandoned right now. Stupid animal.

You reckon the cat was in on it? :thinking:

Makes sense, create a diversion & whilst the rider is distracted, his accomplices move in…

Maybe they put the cat on the roof #catbait