Stolen Helmet

I parked my bike here
Just off King Street.

I filled my top box with shopping so I took the GF’s helmet out to make room. I strapped the helmet to the side helmet lock.
I went away to eat for about 30mins came back and found it was gone!
Some scrote must of totally unfastened the metal chin clip to get it off which would of taken about 2mins.
I would of paid good money to catch the little shit in the act!

I know this isn’t a stolen bike but this will just give you guys a heads up that there are shenanigans in that area.

The GF had to take the tube home. sigh

Anyway it was a cheap very used G-Mac Concept flip front lid.


Some people will just nick something because it’s there…

Agreed, I used to leave my bicycle clips under my saddle until someone lifted them - all of £2 and being black they weren’t exactly noticeable.

Yep. What isn’t theirs is theirs for the taking. Whether or not they have a right to it is a non-issue to them.