Stolen GS found in Creekside, Greenwich SE8 3

Some of you may have heard through FB though a friends GS was stolen last night from outside the Picturehouse.

Wanted to post for reference really and hope he dosn’t mind me making people aware.

The bike was left opposite the Picturehouse unattended for a few hours, upon return it was gone.

It was found only by use of the tracker as it was activated in Creekside Greenwich (just off creek road). Interestingly they had disconnected the battery and left the bike chained up to make it seem as though it was normal to be parked there.

I just thought useful information if there are stolen bikes around Greenwich area as it would appear that maybe they use the same spots to store them until they know its safe to come back.

Keep them locked up peeps, u never know who’s watching…

Glad it was found Claire!

I hope the police do something useful with this info too …