Stolen Green Kawasaki Ninja 300

Some time during the early morning my Kawasaki ninja was stolen from outside of my house. Police and local authorities have been informed and the bike is now written off as stolen. The bikes last location was in Walthamstow, East London.

It has a custom carbon yoshimura exhaust, with two hair line cracks on the front mud guard and a crack on the right fairing next to the handlebar.

If you spot the bike or any recent Kawasaki parts being sold do forward me a message.

Licence plate: FN13 MZP

Thank you.


:sleepy: noooooo

My pride and joy…can’t even explain how heartbroken I am…

Damn, sorry to hear about it :frowning: hope the police find it, though if you’ve already claimed on the insurance, it’s time to get down the dealer and buy a new bike (with better security).

What security did you have?

My pride and joy..can't even explain how heartbroken I am..
There is a bike theft protest ride being organized, make sure you support it.

have a look around the local area, it might have been dumped temporarily