Stolen Ducati 899 Reg: LG14YDX

Stolen today 9th Feb 2015, around 16:23, from Berkeley Square London W1.

Red Ducati 899 Panigale. REG: LG14YDX

Two men on moped, last seen by witness and CCTV heading south east to Piccadilly.

Man that is crappy news. Fingers crossed. Eyes open in West London.

Gutted for ya, they are a fine looking bike!

sorry to read another has been stolen :frowning:

Oh no not another one… Will keep eyes open.

Apparently the paper signs “We are watching you” that were placed last summer to prevent thefts do not work in Berkeley square. It’s about time council installs some ground anchors like they did in Sloane square.

your kidding!

Berkley Sqaure, probably one of the busiests parts of london and at that time!

Doesn’t surprise me at all, it is one of London hotspots for bike thefts. Do you really think anyone from all those people cares about 2 guys on a scooter doing something in bike bay?

Sign of times today isnt it really.

That being said I reported to proper dodgy looking guys in that area a few weeks ago, clearly scouting a KTM that was there…

Good on you! I always take a look at those bike bays whenever I pass through, to see if there are no scrotes sneaking around.

There was a witness who reported it to Police. Personally i would have tackled them myself and introduced them to the floor. Shame people don’t do more than just stop and probably facebook/instagram pictures etc.

I will now never, ever park a motorbike in london ever again…