Stolen BMW R1250GS Adventure (HL19GXX)

There is a 1000 reward leading to a recovery

Registration Plate



Frame Number

Stolen From
Enfield, Greater London

Stolen When

Crime Reference Number


Bike Description

2019 R 1250 GS Adventure Rallye Standard BMW blue, white with rallye seat Stolen in Enfield, London
Theft Description

Stolen from outside the house, cutting thru 3 different locks

Stolen to order probably. Doesn’t sound like a scrote job. I hope it’s found.


Where abouts in Enfield are you, will keep an eye out. Agree most likely nicked to order, usual feckers I see around here are more interested in scooters/MX style bikes and with school holidays seems there is a increase of car break-ins as well.

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i agree, thanks

That’s crap dude, know round there well. No tracker? Usual spots to check you already know I would guess, also the summer has brought the visitors to Morrison’s and Southbury Leisure centre car parks over the last week.

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With a bike like that, they’ll probably assume it’s fitted with a tracker & park it up somewhere out of the way for a few days to see if it gets recovered, before doing anything with it.



I’d check the following:

  • Ponder End around the estate by the station and down Alma Road where the units are
  • Around the industrial estate by Brimsdown opposite side to Macdonalds
  • Around Lytchet Estate
  • Back of Enfield Island along the canal
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Sorry to hear this fella. Speaking from experience, I wouldn’t get your hopes up :frowning:

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will do mate thanks

thanks mate, gut wrenching

I live in Brisdown i will keep a look out, when i walk the dogs i will check the back off Albany Park

much obliged mate

I had the exact same bike and year and colour taken from my garage beginning of June. Def stolen to order as took nothing else, even moved jacket off seat.
No joy getting it back but insurance did pay out quite swiftly and now have a new one locked in the garage ready to enjoy

Urgh, horrible. Sorry to hear that @PJ :frowning:
Where does that leave you with the insurance? Can you/do you want to get something equivalent insured?

Bennett’s have been great and have transferred my insurance over to the new bike so all good.

Had to go for another GSA but this time it’s brand spanking new and a Triple Black​:ok_hand::sunglasses: