STOLEN: BMW R1200GS 2015

BMW R1200GS 2015

Stolen today by two guys on a black scooter in Brockley, SW London


Please keep your eyes peeled guys 



hm makes me wanna go and chain mine properly …

Think it’s AM15SMJ

I saw a large adventure style bike being pushed by a scooter this afternoon down my road in Forest Hill/ near Bell Green.  Did it have panniers on?

I’d just looked out of the window and noticed them, but only had time to go upstairs and see which way they went at the junction.  Called it in to the Police, but had no reg numbers to give them.  Laughably, the 999 operator suggested they might have broken down and kept going on about needing reg numbers.  They really don’t give a shit do they?

I would seriously have a look around a couple of the estates near Sydenham/ Bell Green.

Happy to give more details on road and direction of travel by pm.  Got a crime number here too.

Cheers pal, massively appreciate your efforts here.

Yes it has boxes.

I’ve seen that on FB and shared. Right next door to me also. Scumbags. Hope you get it back but I guess the Steering Lock will be gone. 

Yeah I’d ride around and check local estates. I had my bike nicked and found it in Rubbish Shoot in the local council estate.
They also like to put the cover over it and lock it like it’s theirs.  

Bike was taken from outside of Crofton Park Station
Last seen turning South onto Perry Rise

It’s suspected that they took it down Adamsrill as young scooter lads are often seen heading down there.

Thanks for the help guys.