Stolen Black ST1050

Black Triumph ST1050  from Tooting SW17 before Christmas

VRN: ___ WEV

Chained and covered…

Cut with an angle grinder waking up street - neighbours took photos

 3 Thieves pictured in action pushing stolen bike from moped.

Grateful for any sightings?


Sorry to hear this.
What’s the registration number?

Thanks - frustrating… added VRN last 2 to post… :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear that hope they catch the scum. And you find your beauty unharmed soon

Sorry to hear this. Lovely bikes those and I do hope it is recovered with no damage.  Time to start doing the public flogging thing again for thieves.  

My CBR125 was recently recovered in Tooting after 4 months missing. It was just parked in a place called Anderson House on Fountain Road- reported by a resident after it had been there for a few days. It was stolen from Wandsworth. I’m not sure how likely it is that the scrotes will keep a proper bike in the same way they did my 125 before moving it on, but maybe it gives you somewhere to go and check out in the local area.

It’s really likely; they leave it like that to wait and see if there’s a tracker fitted. That’s how my Tiger was returned - someone came home from holiday and there was a bike he didn’t recognise parked up outside, which matched the thing we’d put up in the corner shop.

It’d be well worth going round any local estates, and maybe putting up posters and stuff so anyone who does see this funny bike is more likely to twig that it’s been pinched.

Friend of mines Moto Guzzi cruiser was stolen from Kensington and recovered from Wandsworth about a year later. It had just been parked up there out in the elements and had rusted a bit. I think the scrote realised there wasn’t much he could do with it so abandoned it there.

I think these footballers tend to work locally as well. Reduces the risk of getting caught so check the local estates first.

Very sorry to learn of this. My scooter was also stolen just two days ago. It was brand new 7 days old. 

We have to do something, I am in the midst of gathering as much information as I can from the Freedom of Information act from the police and then would like to start a petition for this cancer to be seriously looked at. 

Check out this website . The members are people like us, who got hurt deeply by irresponsible sociopaths who caused grief and pain to law abiding working people by taking their means of transport to make a living. 

I hope for the best for your bike.