STOLEN Black Honda CB1000R in New cross south London on 16/05/2024

Help please! Bunch of scum thieves stole my husbands honda cb1000r black fireblade bike reg OWO8 E0Y from our driveway yesterday early morning at 4:28am using an angle grinder and within secs the lock came off! It was anchored to our house. 4 men around 5ft 8-6ft with 2 of them pushing the bike out of our drive. We caught them leaving on the Ring but nothing came through when they approached the house. This happened in south east London. I am hoping for a miracle and the police or some good samaritan finds it. My husband is devasted and we just want it back. Please can you kindly keep an eye out as they may have locked it up with a bike cover over it to hide it. It could be anywhere by now…I have a feeling it could be close by…maybe Greenwich. I now have anxiety and losing sleep and jump up every time I hear a noise or bike sound. I witnessed the act which was traumatic

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If it hasn’t already been hidden away in a garage or unit.
It’s worth checking a few quiet local streets, they may park it up to see if it’s got a tracker.


A few bikers have said the same thing thank you, I have a lil one and cannot risk her wellbeing just incase they’re hiding around the corner

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There’s never a need to put yourself at risk over a motorbike. As annoying as that may feel.


I had a look around my area but had no luck…my gutt is telling me they may have dumped it in a field or commercial retail. Still gutted everytime i see the empty spot where it used to be parked

Sorry to hear about this. Hope you hear something back about it.

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Thank you Jay, all I got so far was a witness of them pegging hubby’s bike down the road after they stole it from my drive. Surely more people were out and about and would have seen it.