Stolen Bikes - Guess where they're ending up?

Hope this doesn’t put even more of a downer on those poor sods who’ve had their bike stolen recently.

Guy at my work left his RSV in for a service so borrowed his brother’s brand new GSXR1000, 57 plate with less than a thousand miles on the clock. Bike was double locked, alarmed and everything but unfortunately not chained to anything and was lifted from outside our offices in Risborough St, SE1. Guy went out for a fag, bike was there, went out 5 minutes later to make a phone call and bike had vanished.

Was talking with him this evening and it turns out the bike has turned up. Unfortunately, its turned up in bloody Lithuania of all places. He doesn’t even know yet if its been damaged or any more details about whether the cop’s found other bikes with it or how the hell to get it back if it is undamaged. Would your insurance company pay to have it returned?

If I find out any more details, i’ll post them up, be interesting to find out if this was a one off or is there now a cottage industry stealing bikes to order for export or maybe its just easier to shift stolen bikes and parts abroad. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was, as I’ve read its a regular thing with luxury cars. I guess in view of this, those keeping an eye out for distinctive stolen bikes and parts could check out some of the other european ebay sites.

and what did i say the other week…:wink:

what did you say the other week ratty ? :smiley:


lol, you guys beat me to it, i was gonna ask him too:)

We do regular trips to Lithuania to pick up and return stolen vehicles. We have a bit of a waiting list at the moment but could help out after the 15th August.

My Dads race bike ended up in Ireland, tracked it down and he went and collected it and bought it back from the insurance company that had already paid out for it :slight_smile:

Ah ok so my bike is zooming around some eastern european country!
Well i hope they bloody enjoy themselves! :crazy:

I’ve had two bikes stolen in my motoring life.

Having seen what the scumbags did to the first bike, I’m glad the second was never recovered. I would not have want the thing back if it had been found within days.

Just play hardnose with the bas*ard insurance company to get the best price and let them deal with the liability of an abused liability of a bike.

(Don’t forget to claim for all those cab fares you incurred while without a bike.)

ive had one stolen before, but im guessing it ended up in parts of croydon/mitcham/slutton/wimbledon!!!

did anyone watch that car crime programe the other week were alot of vehicles were going to cyprus?

I have had 2 stolen the barstewards.:sick: Had a phonecall from my brother who works for a motorway recovery firm in Thetford. Said he had to go & recover an immaculate vfr400 police stopped from a youngster who had no insurance or logbook. Said something about when he got it he didn’t apply for the logbook. My brother said it had a genuine 12,000 km’s on the clock & it was breaking his heart that they were going to crush it. He had a little blast around their yard & said it was a great bike.