Still no NO bike

Had to sell (Ratty I am so very sorry if this will cause you pain) my lovely SV! Need to pay the bills somehow as I am still without a job so had to be a grown up and let my toy go :crying: Gutted wasn’t the word, only had her for 3 months, she was the love of my life, second to my husband of course :wink:

Mind you, did take CC(Him)'s Blackbird out this morning for another quick spin - he isn’t liking me liking HIS toy :smiley:

Now the big decision (well, after I’ve got a new job - 2 interviews Monday so fingers crossed) - CBR600F, Fireblade, or a rather nice Daytona I saw today with an awesome paintjob…best get a jb first!

awww sad news, hope you get sorted soon and back on your own two wheels !!:slight_smile:

get another blackbird ya knows it make sence :smiley:

Daytona, must be the daytona :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear you’ve had to be grown up. That should never really have to happen, particularly if it involves selling your bike.

Good luck with the interviews/job hunting.

I’d go for the Blade every time!

the pain…

its punishment for you abadoning the VEE massive:D:P:w00t:

see ya sunday…:smiley:

get CBR6;)

Oh well, these things never last long. Best of luck with the interviews on Monday. And just think of all time to ride the Blackbird. :slight_smile:

i really hope your interviews go well, and your back on a bike soon , no matter what bike you chose , good luck:)

don’t get the 675… as I tested this afternoon, they do not work well without petrol… Thanks got for LB’s finest and the topbox looking like a petrol station…

Hey dudette

how did the interviews go had me fingers crossed for ya

Had one postponed to tmrw - like I really need to be spending more money on train fare arghhh! Oh well…Had one this morning - typical HR bod, played her cards very close to her chest, came out not knowing one way or the other! Am waiting for the ‘phone call’ to say please come in for a second! Mind you, this one was on for a 6mth contract, am more interested in tmrws!Thanks for asking though, much appreciated :slight_smile: