Steve Mercer

He’s fuggin quick, I know that:D

Like greased weasel **** off a shiny shovel!

He will be riding the peoples bike at the TT you can sponsor them for 50 quid and that gets your picture on the bike.

He finished 12th at Macau a great result, when i last see him he told me that he hopes to be doing more road racing this year,He was due to be riding Superstock this year for PDM racing but they pulled out due to lack of funds.

the problem with that guy is when he overtake you, it happen so fast you are never sure if it was real or not.

I hope you did your lifesavers Freddy;):smiley:

Which bike was he on?

he lofted a wheel as he took me out of graham hill, looked so pretty…

…then remembered i was riding a motorcycle at approaching a ton and should pay some blummin attention to what i was doing…:w00t:

white R1, red leathers

(any takers on guessing who the bloke in yellow is?)

oh and a personal fave :slight_smile:

Obviously not Stuart Easton, that would be too easy:D

PPG- guy martin?

Good call ratty:)


25 points to Fastboy :wink:

good for the ego the fast group!

jobs a good’un:D

That would have been my guess PPG! I stood and watched him tear up the circuit for quite a while. He lofted that wheel many times coming out of that corner! Looked sweet.

You can watch Mr Mercer on a Gixxer 1000 British Superbike at Brands this weekend…!