Steve Jordan Motorcycles

Meant to post this last week but didn’t get round to it.
Big thanks to Richard at SJ’s for sorting out my suspension. He threw the Hyperpro settings out the window and went with his own settings, much much better than it had been before once I’d made a slight adjustment to the compression as suggested by Richard.:smiley:
Very helpful, knowledgable and friendly people, it was a pleasure dealing with them.

Best £60 you’ll ever spend on your bike and includes laser wheel alignment.

Just picked up a nice low mileage 2008 SV650 from Steve Jordan’s.

Traded in my old SV400 which was beginning to rattle, probably
just the cam chain tensioners, but not worth my while sorting
as I need a reliable commuter.

Anyway back to SJs…

They were reasonably efficient and I got what I needed, i.e.
the 650, so overall no complaints.

However, very minor points but the attention to detail could
have been better.
The lass on sales didn’t get the bikes tool kit until I asked,
i.e. they would have let me ride off without it.
Similarly no spare key and didn’t offer one till I asked.
The bikes clock was reading something like BST and again
they could only be bothered to look at it when I asked and
then she didn’t know how to adjust it.

So I’m waiting for the spare key to come in the post, and
will add a praise post here when it arrives :slight_smile:

Hi Mike, Glad ive seen your post as I have been trying to contact you regarding the key and the number we have for you is not working. Can you call me tommorow on 01372 453322?.

Ive spoken with the workshop regarding ensuring clocks are set correctly and tool kits are checked as thats something im not happy about being missed. The technician is now aware and apologises.

Charlotte has only been with us for a few weeks and coping on her own as our long term sales manager is no longer with us. She is getting there and working really hard. Its hard to get good reliable staff and she is aware of what you have said and is working to learn. Steve is actually supporting her with the sales now.

If you can call me that would be great and I can get the key off to you.

Cheers and hope your enjoying the bike.
Sarah (Steve Jordans)

Sounds like good business practice to me:)

Everyone makes mistakes but it’s nice to get a follow up like this:)

Well done SJM:D

Thanks. I hate mistakes as much as anyone, since im starting to reach middle age im turning into a perfectionist!. I fully accept no one can be perfect but its always nice to try and achieve that.

Its nice to know when people arent happy as it can bring up things that arent being done correctly by staff that im not aware of and then remedies can be put in place so that it doesnt happen again.


Have to agree, very good of you to follow things up.
Hope to get the spare key sorted soon.


Impressive stuff from SJM

Not a problem and key is in the post this afternoon. If you dont see it by middle of next week let me know.


Key received and all is well.
Thanks again for following it up.


Very impressive service…

You will not find better ANYWHERE!!!:slight_smile:

I bought my first Busa from there, and they know their Busa’s:w00t:;):cool: