Step up and name them...

Just a bit of fun :smiley:



some obvious ones…

smiled, asbo :stuck_out_tongue:

raver = ratty

abd for some reason the pill head looks like Zeus!! look at the eyes!! :smiley:

I think you may be the geek:D oh and ratty is the virgin…

dannyboy (05/03/2009)

Ratty is so many of them, not sure which one to pick;):P:D

reckon you might be the ninja;)

I’m thinking Hypo Child :smiley:

lol good one pj.

the stoned f*ck- Ratty

the no fun one- Garret

the hypo child- ME :smiley:

the yob- terry moto

the snob- PPG!!

the asbo- asbo of course

the ninja- matt

the geek- garret again lol

thats all i can think of for now :smiley:

I think I could be the lazy one at the mo :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

I am defo the smiley one as i am always cheerful lol:D

:smiley: i could be…

Ratty- the hypo child…the pill head( mooooooooooooondance retired now:D )…The Raver…The stoner F*ck…

the lazy one…DA BOMB!!..many:D i win!! yay!

Ginger- The Yob

PJ & Vegas- The Snob (mochloccabipostolatte and peppermint tea wtf!! bloody ducatis:D )

Stacy- The Pisshead

Collet21- The Ninja

Dannyboy- The STD:P still dripping is it?..:w00t:

could think of so many more…dont wanan offend tho:D

Can I be the snob? I’ve perfected that expression.

can i be the ninja just because it looks cool…

can i be the ninja…?only cos i ride one though :unsure:

can I be ninja, cos it’s cool and I’ve always wanted a ninja!

That’ll do me.