Stealth K5

Well iv paited all the silver fairing screws black today and fitted rear wavy disc.


25.5.05 My K5 011.jpg

Interesting idea painting the bolts, black! I like that. The disc looks good there, though I would say that Very big garden you have as well Pete :stuck_out_tongue:

Im not putting wavys on the front as the brakes are very good, unlike the standard discs on K3 i had before.

nice touch to your bike looking good … i got a k4 600 shoukld have waited dam

I wish that was my garden, but its out side a mansion i know. So what you going to do To your K4 600 ???

That bike look the bussiness mate! I really like it… I wish I could love just my bike and never fancy someone elses one, but you guys don’t help it at all…

I need some help on screen, now do i go for dark tint double bubble or light tint. Or standard dark tint or light tint ???

IMO, darktint, double-bubble.




Hi cheers but iv ordered a power bronze double bubble light tint from Busters, be about 3 to 4 weeks