Star Lane Orpington

People have told me a fella was badly beaten yesterday and robbed of his motorcycle in star lane. There’s a bit on newshopper website about it but nit much detail. Anyone local know about this?

Star lane boy. heard some stories about that place

Here’s the story:

My mate used to live on the corner of Star Lane and Hearns Rise and he couldn’t even get cabs to go up there. Hope the fella is OK.

Big Pikey site along there.

yeah, can be pretty bad up there. they tried to stick a firework down my mate jumper once.

I’ll bet there’s a Curry’s store in Star Lane, minus the bricks and mortar:)

when I was growing up I live 5 mins walk from there. back then it was so bad the fire brigade would not go up there without a police escort.

few houses raised because of that fact. So sounds like not much has changed up there.

really not much info to go on. hope they solve it

this guy had his bike taken from him in Peckham…

Old news mate thats been doing the rounds all over the net lol where ya been???

We were looking to buy a house in 2001, saw a couple for sale which were supposed to be in Orpington (they were actually in St Mary’s Cray, that’s estate agents for you). We knew nothing about the area but had arranged to view the 2 houses, drove round the area for 5 minutes and phoned the estate agents to cancel the viewings, what a sh1thole.
We’d driven around 4 streets and counted 8 or 9 burnt out vehicles. One of them was in a garden having been crashed through the fence, another was half sticking out of a burnt out garage. The houses themselves were fairly nice little terraced rows. We then drove around the outskirts (where the 2nd viewing was, no chain), houses were all semi’s, plenty of caravans in the gardens and rather pikey-looking women sitting on the doorsteps. Not a burnt out car in sight, talk about don’t **** on your own doorstep it’s the poor council tenants around the corner that get all the aggro. Found the 2nd house we were supposed to view and realized why it was advertised as ‘no chain’, it was all boarded up.:w00t:
As we were about to leave we came across some nice, modern houses and saw a bloke outside washing his van. Had to ask what the score was so got out of the car (locked it behind me:)) and asked what it was like to live in the area as we were thinking of moving there. He said his van was always getting broken into, other neighbours cars were getting stolen and burnt out regularly, don’t move here coz once you’re in the council will never move you back out again as no one else will live here. Said it was full of pikeys and there was a caravan site in Star Lane.
The look on his face when I said we’d been thinking about buying was priceless:ermm:
As we left we ended up turning into Star Lane, it’s a T-junction and we needed to go left - which was lucky as to our right was a group of little scallys just standing around blocking the road (it’s a lane with bushes either side, they appeared to be lookouts). We made a swift exit and have never set foot near the place since. I spent the first 25 years of my life living in what was considered to be a real rough area, but it was nothing compared to that place. Don’t know if its changed since then, certainly can’t have got any worse.

sounds like a advert from one of the local estate agents

The Ramsden Estate nearby is equally “exclusive”.

Just looked on Google maps, the houses we were looking at were on the other side of Star Lane. I see they have a ‘Bromley Gipsy Traveller Project’ there now.

the ramsden pikeys hate the star lane inbred webbed footed scum bag pikeys even though they are all cousins.infact everyone hates the star lane scum (and im being polite about them)

Know the area well.

Compared to Star Lane, Ramsden Estate is posh. To get it in perspective, the grotty bits of Kabul are posh compared to Star Lane.

If ever there was a justification for selective genocide …

I hate going past there still do now…

I just found this thread whilst googling “Star Lane” and “Hearns Rise” to substanciate part of why I f*cking hate pikeys. I went to the Ramsden School for Boys (Latterly “The Priory”), we had a massive influx of feral pikey scum whem Walsingham School closed.

The “proper” Gypsy’s were really ok, some were loyal friends of mine, and this is where the distinction between “Pikey” and “Gypsy” comes in; “Pikey” is to “Gypsy” what “Chav/Slag/Scum/trash” is to “Middle Britain”, it’s not a pejorative term as I use it to describe those lawless scum bags who purport to be true Romani and are clearly not, save for their living arrangements. The Gypsy’s I knew disliked “Pikeys” too as they were tarnishing the Gypsy/Romani image with theft, dirt, violence, intimidation etc.

Spent a great deal of my early life living just a few miles from Star Lane and was warned about going anywhere near the place when I was in primary school. That’s well over 50 years ago.

Seems some things just don’t change.

I used to be fluent in their “dialect”… you had to be… “muvva die chicken eyebrow boy” WTF is all that about. Bruv?