Standing While Riding

I read that in California it’s not legal to stand while riding and is considered wreckless driving.
So I was wondering if it’s the same for UK?

I ride a supermoto (which is a dirtbike with road tyres) and they are pretty comfy to stand on while riding and the footpegs & handlebars are positioned perfectly to allow standing.

I stand as I go over speed bumps and I also stand when I want to see over cars ahead of me for dangers.

Anyone know the stance British road law has on this?

Like a lot of things I do not think it itself is illegal. Standing on the footpegs is not singled out as something that is illegal.

That doesn’t mean that an individual police officer may not consider your actions reckless driving or driving without due care and attention. Since these are quite subjective offences.

Generally I do not think a British police officer would consider it an offence to stand up and look over traffic, to go over potholes and speedbumps or just to stretch your legs occasionally. Which I have done when I got cramp in my thigh.

They probably would consider it reckless or dangerous if you were banging down an A road at 40-60mph while just standing up the entire time.

I’ve seen a guy doing this on A40 - Marylebone road…never seen him sitting down…:w00t:

Would scare the beejesus out of me in that traffic.

I often ride standing on mine for the same reasons as you P187. Never thought about legality…

Always ride safe…:smiley:

Ive just got back from 2500 miles around europe… i spent quite some motorway miles standing- which must have been quite a look at 6’4’’ on a gs500 :smiley:

I think you have it there. I do it a lot at slow speed, simply because it takes the jolts out of the pot holes, speed bumps etc. If you did it on open road I think you might in risking careless driving charge.

Ive got a road reg trails bike…

No seat…Can’t sit down…I ride it standing up everywhere.

But then I am a Badboy

I’ve done it on the motorway just to stretch my legs. I think you can be pulled for doing it. Personally I think I’m in more control after releving the crap etc. You can also have a quick glance at your chicken strips if you have any left.

I think it’s OK as long as your front wheel is off the ground.

I wouldnt advise it, its very irresponsible :smiley:

Hope you meant “cramp” Joby :sick:

There is no specific offence of standing on the footrests, it all comes down to a matter of opinion of the reporting officer if it got that far and the question that he would have to ask himself, “Did you maintain control” whilst you were standing up?

In most cases the answer would be quite simple and that would be “Yes” control was maintained and therefore you could not be reported for the offence of failing to maintain control of a motor vehicle.

However, if you stood up Rossi style (as he does after winning a GP) then it may give a different answer as both hands are off the bars and therefore to a degree the offence would become absolute.

Was your riding careless or dangerous as a result of standing up? This is a little bit more subjective as it would depend on what was happening at the time, speeds at which this was done, was anyone inconvenienced or was danger caused as a result of standing up?

To prove careless (and even dangerous driving although it is by degrees) it is for the prosecution to show that the standard of riding or driving fell well below the standard expected of a reasonably competent rider or driver, and therefore the act in itself of standing up would not constitute the offence but the circumstances and any subsequent incident.

So, the short answer is No it is not illegal, but there may be consequences of other offences having been commited, but the onus is on the prosecution to substantiate those offences.

So if you are travelling at low speed and you stand up to stretch your legs but maintain control throughout, then no offence has or can be committed.

Keeping flapping, you might just take off. :D:P


Do the same over speed bumps and pot holes. Nearly been over the handlebars a couple of times while sat down with the state of some south London roads so better to unload the suspension IMO

Think Mr. Police man would have to be having a seriously bad day to nick you for it?

Lmfao I’ve seen him too! Same road!

as long as your not advertising

think there are no worries

on a side note …

what a misspell

search anasol :w00t:

A BCR memebr got stopped by Plod near Gt. Dunmow for standing whilst riding. Plod didnt make anything of it, naturally left the rider with some…advice!:smiley: But plod are very clever. You can stop someone to have a word , and find you’ve just stumbled on a Mr Bln Laden.

I am often forced to ride home standing on the pegs after a vigorous caning session at the Bluebeard club.

used to stand alot while filtering as a courier, never got stopped for it…

nice find :smiley: