Stalking an M1.

Not easy to do . . . if Rossi hasn’t broken it then I doubt somebody sitting on it will.

When I was younger I used to go to car shows and you could sit in the cars . . . even the more expensive ones. Rally teams used to bring their cars to the shows and you could sit in those too, have your picture taken etc. There was always a queue and somebody always stole the gear knob but the manufacturers got a big boost from something relatively cheap and simple.

It’s a shame they don’t promote the same now . . . it’s not worth going to a show to see a bike but if you could sit on it and feel it then I’d wager a lot of people would go just for that now.




It was me:D

Keep breaking the rules Sheraz :wink:

I found it pretty funny :laugh:

I wouldn’t do it. I’d probably put my back out ducking under the red tape :stuck_out_tongue:

Get off your high horses!

i see the ‘reason’ for doing it but agree that stunts like this will mean that bikes like these wont be displayed or they will be in glass boxes which is not worth it

Nice to have a few people appreciate the footage as well now - thanks ladies and gents!

And to clear up, no I didn’t break anything -Yamaha build quality is renown for being pretty good. My brilliant R6 has certainly taken some beatings with little permanent damage.

I’ve got someone else to buy my tickets for next year.

If there gunna be 3 feet away behind tape they may aswell be in glass boxes anyway…

Or better yet i may as well just look at pictures on the internet lol

And if you can break a bike by getting on it and back off you probably need to reconsider whether biking is for you :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I think its funny…although I think it was a tad rude and ignorant to blatantly ignore the Security Girl!! She probably felt a bit s**t afterwards.

Fair play to you for having the gonads to do it but maybe in future get off the bike if your challenged/caught!!!

Maybe the solution to deal with future trouble makers would be to hire some huge security men then :wink:

nice work, i think if you got the guts then great. If your not living life on the edge your taking up to much room!!:D:D

i think you should be able to sit on what ever you like for the bloody price they charge for getting in too what is pretty much a bike shop …well done …

just getting value for money … and Rossi won’t be using it again anyway