Stalking an M1.

MCN show.

What a dick !!! :stuck_out_tongue:


+2 :crazy:

I left a suitable comment. hate arrogant people like that

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If you did, it has been deleted.

Hehe, yea, a bit of a knob, but I doubt his intention was to steal or damage the bike.

I’m sure many people would not have the balls to try the same thing.
Good on him for his 15 seconds of infamy IMO!

There is always one!

We can’t really complain if the top racing teams refuse to display their bikes at future UK bike shows. Not to them, at any rate.

Interesting comments.

At the show I saw the bike and wanted a shot with me on it. No doubt lots of other people did too but I felt that it is unlikely I would ever get a chance to sit on one of the most succesfull MotoGP bikes ridden by one of the most succesfull GP riders of racing history.
I saw an opportunity and I took it. Right or wrong that was my choice at the time and other people chose not to. I went away feeling happy (and slightly - ok very - smug) and feel great today - I sat on Rossi’s actual bike, twisted the throttle and pulled the front brake!!

A few years ago my friend went to a bike show and saw Fogarty’s bike in the same set up. CF was actually there as well, and my friend pulled the same stunt and got a photo on his bike just in time. What do you think Fogarty did?
He smiled, went up to my friend and shook his hand and said “fair play you cheeky ba*tard”.
Then they doubled security.

Despite what these highly moral, intelligent and brave forum people are saying about me being a dick etc, I am pretty confident that Rossi would have done the same. He would have seen the funny side of it I am sure.
I think some of you need to lighten up and perhaps get some balls too. If any of you critics start racing ever you might just need them.

Peace and love my brothers and sisters…

+3 :w00t:


I’ll be honest I thought it was very bloody cheeky, and that you’d be thrown out of the show.

If I was a huge fan of racing and Rossi then I suppose there would be a huge temptation to do it and would probably get a buzz out of it.

The flip side as others have pointed out that in future these bike might not be displayed or if they are it would be inside a glass case.

BTW what happened with the security lady? And did you get thrown out? And Ricky is just a **** taker. :stuck_out_tongue: to Ricky.

Can’t see a problem, I would have thought they’d want people to sit on it . . . it’s only a bike :w00t::smiley: It’s what Rossi does with it which is a bit special.

V true :smiley:

and if someone sits on it and breaks something?

cheeky b*****d! lol. tbh I haven’t got a problem with someone doing something like this. it’s just a bike…there’s more important things in the world to be worrying about.

I don’t think what he did was that bad either.i’d have done the same,thought maybe not right in front of the security woman,that was a bit rude,publically undermining her authority.

What’s the bet this guy is on this forum? Hehe possible! Own up! :smiley:

He is mate , he is the one who posted !

Doh!! :stuck_out_tongue:

PMSL :smiley: