Stainless Steel / Titanium nuts and bolts shop in London

I know all the online ones - but looking for a real shop.

Can anyone tell me if there is a physical shop you can go into to get SS nuts and bolts?

Does such a thing still exist? There used to be one in Colliers Wood - but long since gone.



Give Clerkenwell Screws a go, they’re pretty good… They’re at

109 Clerkenwell Road, Clerkenwell
London, EC1R 5BY


Seconded, very helpful people.

Nu-Screw & Nut Ltd

																													354 Neasden Lane North
									<a href="">London</a>
									<a href="">NW10</a><a> 0BT</a>

																			 									 <img src="" > 

020 8452 8631

May not be much help if you are in South London

Orbital fasteners in Watford

Hyperbolt in Hanwell.