"Stainless steel" exhaust clamps

Any recommendations for these simple bits of kit?

I’ve had two sets in two years and each time the little bggers have either corroded (OEM set) or (second set) the bolts have turned to little rusted rods.

I just want a decent quality clamp with a good quality bolt. Doesn’t seem too much to ask, does it?

Ive recently bought 3 for my VTR project from a fella on ebay.

Was pleasently surprised by the quality:cool:

Hang on I’ll pull up his details:)


got 1 here if any use to ya 55-59 mm.

Thanks guys.

Ta, Choprocker but wrong size and I need a pair. Gonna try Chunky’s ebay merchant.

custom fasteners and m&p sell em.

Mikalor branded clamps are what I use & am told are ‘the best’ ?!?!

…again ebay is your best bet eg. this seller http://shop.ebay.co.uk/merchant/plentyotooles


They look identical to the ones I bought:D

guess wot make that 1 is? yep mikalor


Lots of information!

Thanks guys. Just shows that “ask” works.