St George's Ride 2011

Found a dvd with all these images from the rideout, there are a few to go through!!

Always remember that rideout for an enormous puddle coming off a roundabout that the cornerman was waving everyone to avoid then martin went ploughing straight through it on his 640.

That was probably the biggest Rideout I ever joined…

Blast from the past there Gav… I think I have the same dvd somewhere

Ah, life was good in 2011, always blue skies.

The St Georges Day rides in memory of Puppy, RIP Puppy.

Big turn outs, frequent stops, loads of photographs and mountainous nice creams. A nice photo set. I spotted the Bonne’ in one or two and many old riding companions not seen for some time including Cheekychick in her courting days with Kaos riding pillion :wink: