St Georges Day Rideout 2010

Here it is guys, the St Georges Day Rideout 2010

The plan is to meet at the ace cafe ot 08:00 with a 09:00 departure on the Sunday the 25th of April.


This is a medium paced ride consisting of a front man (PUPPY)and Tail gunner (Tugs) who will be wearing HI-Vis vests so the likleyhood of anyone getting lost will be kept to a minimum.We will stricktley adhere to the conerman system which can be found here :

And if anyone is found leaving the’re post, i shall personally give them a wet willy infront of everyone to laugh at.

The route will be around 210miles round trip,(it really dosent feel that far trust me)so please bring plenty of petrol tokens and please fill up before you arrive. The route is one of the best routes i have ever ridden with plenty of stunning scenery and twisty roads. Members/Non-Memberswho have ridden the past St Georges Rideouts have had a bloody good day with losts of good memorys.

125 riders are welcome as long as you can maintain 60mph+. Riders new to biking are also more than welcome.This will be a safe rideout with spirited riders mostley being up the front. If you are not comfortable with overtaking you can ride at your own leisure safe in the knowlege that you’ll always have the tail gunner right behind you.

If your a new rider and want to hang at the back, there’s no pressure to move up the feild.

We shall ride in a staggard formation along the route as this deems to be the safest way of doing things as saftey is absolutley paramount.

image stolen & thanks to The Finger Lakes BMW Club

The entire route will be updated on this thread shortley with many thanks to ‘PUPPY’ who did an exellent job on the first one.So please watch this space…

The final destination for the daywill beDragon Hill, where myth and lore have it that St George slayed the mighty dragon,were you will beexposed to some of the most magnificent views that the South East of the country has to offer.So get kitted up with all the St Georges flags your bike can adorn !!!

So sign up…and lets have a great day…:D.

please note: LB take no responsibility for anyone acting a prat if you have an accident. This is not an rideout therefore you cant sue LB if anything goes wrong.You are responsable for yourself and your own riding style.By signing up to the rideout means you understand the above and agree to it full stop.

Part 1 of the Route (click here)

Part 2 of the route (click here)

Part 3 of the route (click here)

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Up for this please mate

Yep :slight_smile:

Would have liked to come along but it’s the same time as the LB Wales trip so a few of us will be in the land of St. David instead of the land of St. George!!

Will say yes but it’s the day after our day trip to North Wales so will have to see how the butt is holding out:w00t:

Can I borrow your bike Shane :crying:

Would have loved to have been on this with ya :frowning:

I’m not coming, dont like the terms & conditions:DOr it could have something to do with me being away that weekend:D

yeap im there

Yes - IF i hand in my dissertation on time…

Not been around for a while, so fingers x’d I can make this one.

Sorry will be having a lesson with a group of advanced riders that day :slight_smile:

I might tag along if i can get out of bed that early :D:w00t:


We`d love to join you!:slight_smile:

Would love to join you but will be on holiday with the kids. :slight_smile:

since i dont think ive had the pleasure of your company why not :slight_smile:

Smiled’s a strumpet, he stands up when he plays the piano … in his nightclothes

I’d love to join you on this one, but I were doing a parade in Enfield that finishes at 1pm. What is the route going to be? Could I join half way thru?

Doh! Never mind I can’t read.

Hope to make this one.