Squeegee Merchants

Becoming regular at the eastbound section of Grosvenor Road (embankment) at the junction for Vauxhall Bridge. Be careful when filtering!

Do they wipe the dead flies off your visor?

Good question!

F me, I hate them…
They don’t look when crossing between cars, filtered through the A40 recently close to Hangar’s Bay, and next thing one of them pops up right in front of me :blink:

Not seen one of those for years, I thought they had passed some law preventing them from operating.

I’m always worried I will accidentally run over the guy who begs from stationary cars at the big junction at the top of Brixton Hill, where it meets the South Circular. He just pops out from nowhere sometimes.

Yeah they seem to have sprung up everywhere now!?

I’ve seen them where Wood Lane goes under the Westway, and where Gunnesbury Lane meets the North Circular. Look out!