Squeaky back brake :(

So despite having had expert tuition (and by this I basically mean Matt did it all and I bought him a McDonalds) down at OMC on servicing and replacing my brake pads, and lovingly and carefully breaking them in… The back bastard brake still squeaks :frowning:

I sound like a rusty bloody shopping trolley when I’m pull up to lights. It’s not quite the awesome biker chic look I was going for.


Smear some copper slip on the back of the pads, assuming you’ve not done that already.

Yeah, copper greased already… Might be worth another dab tho.

Get a better set of earplugs

does it squeak when you’re applying it?

It was pointed out to me that copper slip is a grease and once that gets heated up then it will move. Not something you want near the brakes.

Mian - yup.
Thanks Kevsta.

You might have a build up of brake dust, take pads out and give them a clean up, this worked on my front

Chris, they are brand new pads. :slight_smile:

Squeaks on back brakes always seems to be a build up of crap, either brake dust or road grime, take the pads out, clean them, clean the calipers & pistons and a smear of copperslip on the backs has always worked for me. On the XT I have to adjust the caliper position too…

Did you clean the caliper (and pins if they’re there) and rotor when you fitted the pads?

Just to reiterate… literally just done full clean, service and replace. Absolutely not dust/dirt.

grease the pins.
There’s something vibrating a little bit back there, if it’s not the pads it’ll be the caliper on the pins.

Ta :slight_smile: