some race tuner has told me if i want the bike to go like a rocket a good way is to change the front sprocket… is this true? and how do i know what to look for? also can it damage the engine?iv got a Z750 :)forgot to add, he also told me it’ll affect my top speed, bike currently does 150 max, how much will i hav to sacrifice?thanks!

Have a go with http://www.gearingcommander.com/

Will show you the effect of changing sprockets. On my ZX6 I went down one at the front which makes the gearing shorter, makes it feel more lively, gears are closer spaced and top speed is lowered.

On the busa I’ve got +1 at the front. It’s got so much torque that in normal riding I can’t tell the difference other than gears last a bit longer and fuel consumption improvement too.

None of this will damage the engine, just make it rev a bit higher or lower for the same road speed.