I want to get a set of spotlights on my bike. Fully faired SV 650

any recommendations? don’t really want to go chopping things off to get the on there.

Anyone added to a faired bike before and any suggestions welcome.

Was potentially looking at getting these: -

but putting them into the fairing screw holes instead of the forks.

just found those, could be an option

Do you have engine protection bars? I have a set of rigid d2s (I think) that have a little bracket that connects them to those bars… Mind you they’re big fuckers so not sure they the svelte sv look.

I have seen brackets that connect to the top yoke but I think rigid stopped making them…

Wise bolted his spotlights under the crash bungs on his gixxer. DIY mounting though.

I was thinking that. Possible option.

get alfie to pop around i’ll make you some mountings i can use his bike as a template

what DLR’s you thinking of buying

i made these mounts for my Tiger from an old ali door handle & some ali plate
dont worry about the tape thats gone now i used some EPDM instead

will be something similar to what you have there. Mount generally seems to be top or bottom rather than at the back of the one’s I’ve been looking at.

You remember my bike. it’s just a ball ache being faired when I want things like this but we’ll find a way.

looking at the full faired SV i think you would be better to have the lamps fitted under the nosecone similar to my 1050
im popping over to your office on Monday if you want to sneak out for a few mins and have a look
the side lights i have are givi’s & they are halogen bublbs & may put to much strain on the SV power supply

stick with LED spot lamps they draw harldy any current

tiger%201050 Tiger%20Bracket

what is that adapter called? see if I can get on for the SV

I’m around, give em a shout I’ll shoot down.

Call me thick but this is the first time in my life I hear about spotlights on a bike! :smiley:

What’s the purpose of them? Is it to illuminate nearby areas that headlights don’t?

On my bike they make the world of difference compared to the candle headlight.


You’re young, you’ll hear stuff. Here on the far side they make a world of difference in seeing where you’re going. We do not have the luxury of the likes of street lighting and after dark on the narrow lanes its just that, dark with no light whatsoever.

the bracket came from SW Motech
but you wont get one to fit the SV650
so the idea works all thats needed is a little thought on getting the design to fit the SV650

Also to mention the triangle light factor which is actually why I’m doing this.

Basically if the lights are in a triangle you’re more likely to be spotted all to do with the eyes and kind.

Learnt this one on bike safe…

I remember them showing during BikeSafe how hard it is to tell the distance to an approaching motorcycle. I also remember them saying that the reason motorcycles don’t have two headlights (next to one another) is to avoid them being confused with cars as it would look like a car that’s still quite far when in reality it’s a bike that’s already close.

Never mentioned that on the bikesafe courses I’ve attended
They only thing mentioned was to make yourself as visible as possible

There are quite a few bikes with twin headlights and both are working as dipped and main sleepers SV happens to be one of them