Spotify shows off google phone app

Hopefully this means that an iPhone app is will be developed soon!

I am not sure Apple will allow a Spotify app to be developed and used on the Iphone, the skin Spotify use is a rip off of Itunes and it could also potentially take business away from their beloved Itunes!!! I am all for it being developed but can’t see it happening anytime soon!

apparently it is being developed but might only be available to spotify subscribers (£9.99/month)

what? you gonna ring me to sing at you?? :w00t:

you sure? :smiley:

:smiley: - I was just getting all nostalgic for when life was simpler. . . :smiley:

‘hello!! SID!??’

‘Anyone there???’




but…but…but…what does it all mean!!!:crazy:


that Sid is an old man!! :hehe:

Just for that i’ve decided to go out for a ride on your bike! :smiley:


i see we are both very busy this morning :wink:

:smiley: very nice too! :smiley:

stop riding mine and go fix the brakes on yours!


Google phones better than the Iphlop, Google phones better than the Iphlop :smiley: