Sportsbikes definitely make better commuters !! :-p

i sold my ZX9R to get a ZR7 winter hack… till next summer… but i miss the slimness of the sportsbike in really heavy congested traffic !! :pinch:

because the ZR7 is restricted to the handlebars & big sticky out mirrors… its so annoying… knowing they’re gaps that the sportsbike with its skinny clip ons & mirrors that fold in then pop back out into the correct position would get through… lol !! :cool:

i used to curse the BMW’s with their huge Topboxes & Panniers… lol… but now i feel like im getting daggers from other riders… lol… oh the shame !! :stuck_out_tongue:

just wondering if others with winter hacks find the same thing… lol !? :blush:


My D675 is great in traffic - slim as a knife - and when you get used to looking around from your crunched up position - no problem at all.

Test road the Street Triple expecting that as a naked D675 with a more upright position and comfy seat it would be miles better in town - it was a bit , but not much more :w00t:

+1 :smiley:

And I thought it was just me.

Love commuting on the zx9, hate it on the Pegaso.

Yeah, funnily enough I’ve experienced this - the clips ons on the sportsbike sit lower (below mirror height) and you can fold the mirrors in when necessary - although it is easier zig zagging something like a hornet through slow moving multiple lane traffic possibly due to the gentler rake of the forks and the riding position.

you kept that 1 quiet, brian.

Even better, have a sports bike that has no mirrors, filtering is very easy with that :slight_smile:

Apart from the fact the first thing to hit, if I ever do go for something that is too narrow is the front brake lever :smiley:

not really… its on FB !! :stuck_out_tongue:

Pity about the turning circle though :wink:

Although a bit piddly, the Vespa I had for a while was a wide as my shoulders and could turn on a penny - perfect for weaving in and out!

yeah you cant really beat a scooter 4 traffic weaving

Well that depends on whether you allow the back wheel to spin…

But my journey sports bike heaven - a406, a12 traffic or no :slight_smile:

A3 on the gixer thou @ 130mph…

Cant do that on a cg125:)

I’d never to anything like that ^^ :crazy: 55mph most of the time is my limit! :cool:

sometimes less :wink:

about 5-35mph in rush hour…more 5;)

Supermotos for inner-city commuting.
Nuff said.


yep,and wet weather equals big:laugh:'s

Nah. For heavy duty traffic commuting and parking you need:- power-assisted, linked antilock brakes

  • auto gearbox

  • somewhere to carry all your essentials (spare clothes, puncture kit, tennis racquets, etc)

  • 12v socket to charge your phone/satnav/ tyre inflator

  • lockable glovebox for your spare bulbs, first aid kit, etc.

  • decent, not but not silly, screen for motorway

  • bit of protective fairing to keep your feet and legs dry and warm

  • cheap to insure and run

  • built-in security (like maybe an ABUS chain that locks from inside the boot?)

It’s gotta be a maxi-scooter…

I’d prefer my Bandit 650 for commuting than a sportsbike.


There are very few gaps that a sportsbike can get through that the Bandit can’t with a bit of careful manouvring.

The Bandit has a turning circle similar to a scooter and move thorough gaps in traffic that would be a real struggle on a sportsbike.

Finally I can get 200 miles to a tank on the Bandit, not too many sportsbikes can do that.

I have commuted on both sports and naked bikes and overall I reckon the naked bikes have the edge.