sports personality of the year disapointment

tweet from John McGuiness last night, and I have to say I agree.

“Thought Simon and Karl would have been remembered. The motorcycle family will never forget. #disappointed

well said John


I don’t bother with it anymore, Its just a popularity contest now and not about sporting acheivment, How is what lewis Hamilton done any better than what Jo Pavey or Lizzie Yarnold done this year? Lewis was in the best team with the best car, Jo Pavey is 40 Years Old for christs sake!! I think Clare Balding was right in 2011 when not 1 single female sports personality was put up for nomination even after all the great acheivements they had done, with the likes of Rebecca Adlington etc, she said it was just a joke award now.


Hamilton just! beat his team mate who was in the other best F1 car this season… phaw I would have won races if I was in the Mercedes team this season…:cool:

Agreed the with op that it’s a shame the bike racers were left out of the tribute.

However I disagree with anyone that say Lewis Hamilton didn’t deserve it. Sure the points looked close in the end but the points don’t tell the story of the season. He won more than twice as many races as his nearest rival. And anyone who thinks that F1 drivers aren’t atheletes should read this:

Why was Lizzie Yarnold more deserving? All she did was slide down a hill…

Lewis Hamilton has the personality of a dead sloth is all pr spin for the sponsors & how much did Bernie slip under the table to smooth things over for Lewis to win

I don’t dissagree they aren’t athletes, The pressures they put their bodies under is imense! and i doubt any other sport requires the level of combined fitness & strength that F1 drivers need, my problem is F1 has lost so much apeal over the years, The cars that Mercedes have now and Red Bull in the past are the reason they are so far ahead, if you put Lewis in this years Red bull would he have done as well as Sebastean Vettel done this season? Vettel showed over the last 4 years his car was the deciding factor of his success, now Lewis is in the fortunate position to have the Car. I think there are far more deserving sports men/women than Lewis this year.

Isn’t that implied by the name - sports personality of the year? Wikipedia’s list of the awards certainly suggests they’re more about public perception than winning sports tournaments:

sounds like you haven’t been seduced by the sparkle of his diamonique ear piece :doze: :crazy: :kiss:

To be fair, most F1 drivers aren’t exactly party central… :w00t:

Big Red S (15/12/2014)

Ah OK, i’ve never seen that before, makes a bit more sense :slight_smile:

I still think Lewis would be 3rd or 4th for me using that description, I really think that if Jo Pavey & Charlotte DuJardin were Blokes they would have been higher up the List, DuJardin holds every single honour in her sport and numerous World Records, Jo Pavey not only won Gold at 40 Years old but done so only 10 Months after having her 2nd Child!!

Markie76 (15/12/2014)

Don’t let Eddie Irvine hear you say that! lol

On that note. Why did Ronaldo get the overseas awards surely Marquez was Farr more deserving of that one. Is it because the bbc no longer have the Moto GP rights or that football is a more popular sport?

Depends on your interpretation of the word “personality”, when the award was created it meant the same as “celebrity” does today as well as what we use to to mean nowadays as well. So it could be taken as Sportsperson of the Year. But yes, in essence, it is just a popularity contest which is why Hamilton won it I believe.

Add in to that the actual sporting achievments, first double british champ in 40yrs, became the most successful british driver ever, only 2 drivers have ever won more races in a season than he did this year. Sure he had the best car, but that’s just part of the sport same as McIlroy having better clubs or Yarnold having a better sled, or Dujardin having a better trained horse. You can make a case for any of them.

Its a public vote so as football reaches a bigger audience it was always going to be him, He has scored a serious ammount of Goals and acheived so much this season it is unreal! he has scored more hatricks already this season than anyone else in any one season and there is still around half a season left to play!!

But it is a shame that Marquez didn’t get a nod for his acheivements, but for me a bigger shame is the fact that Shakey Byrne probably won’t ever get recognition, He has gone from a Motorcycle Journalist to record breaking 4 times British SuperBike champion in about 10 years! If Bike racing was as popular or as widely broadcast as F1 then the Bikers would be getting the awards far more than the F1 guys

Tromboman (15/12/2014)

Very good point.

Hamilton has a personality? Will wonders never cease?

It has nothing to do with “personality” the official criteria for the award is the sports person “whose actions have most captured the public’s imagination”.

I have almost zero interest in spectating sport but from what I can gather, sports personality of the year could be translated to ‘sports person who does the sport GB were good at this year’.