Sports direct selling motorcycle boots, HAHA

They sell them on-line too
Funny that the Motocross sites don’t stock them, even says they are waterproof :crazy:

“The No Fear Mens Motocross Boots feature adjustable legs, a gear-lever patch and a shin guard for added protection when out on your bike. These mens biker boots have an ant-slip/oil-resistant outsole, a soft textile lining for comfort and have a polyester outer coated with polyurethane to help give the boots waterproof and windproof properties.”

I’ve seen them selling Puma boots in the past too!

I understand puma as puma have been making trainers for years and managed to worm they way into the motorcycle trade but NO FEAR… Really?

A little over priced for such an unastablished boot, IMO

Very Sidi like… :laugh:

tbh that isent no motocross boot thats a road boot.

and seen no fear helmets and stuff only for a year or so

I think a rider would need ‘no fear’ to use them :smiley:

But a notch up from riding in trainers / flip-flops etc:ermm:

:ermm: who said motor cross? Lol

That’s the description the company uses to sell them and posted by Rusty… :slight_smile:


So the title is wrong…
Makes me a little worried about the description…

Maybe there not protective after all…

I wouldn’t touch them with a barge pole

i thought puma was re-branded dainese

I really like the Puma boots, these are expensive for what they are…