Sponsorship Needed Urgently For London Racer in Virgin Yamaha R6 Cup

London based racer John Eastwood rides in the prestigious Virgin Yamaha R6 Cup race series at BSB events. For John to be able to achieve his goals, continue to get track time in and hopefully go on to win the championship, it will personally cost him in the region of 60,000 pounds. He’s currently looking for much needed sponsorship, can you or your company help?

Jay and I met John at Brands Hatch on the LB track day last week to have a chat with him and find out about the sponsorship that John so desperately needs. Unfortunatly for John, he turned up just after my crash and he met ‘Manic’ Foxy, Oooops!!

For 2006, John will be competing again in the Virgin Mobile Cup Championship. It is a very prestigious championship designed to find the future stars of racing and develop their skills so they can compete at the highest level in the sport. This particular Championship has already paved the career for many riders.

It would be really great if we could generate some support for John, He has only enough cash to continue for about another three weeks… So have a word with your bosses and see if they would like to sponsor John?
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The one make series is a great way of spotting young talent and superb to watch. Certainly a lot of wise heads on young shoulders from what ive seen. The hard bit is getting backing, all i can say is chat to everyone and collar Keith Huewen for a mention when commentating. Tell him of the problems and sacrifices made and any thing that may be of interest. In the past ive noticed the riders with charisma and personality were the ones sponsors prefer over someone with better results. So make them all like you.
Best of luck with the year ahead and sponsorship hunting.
You`ll now have a lot of LB members watching out for you.

This is more of a update of what happened since the post. Unfortunately I was unable to get the rest of the sponsorship money together so had to finish my season early in the R6 cup.

What made it more of a heart ache was the fact that i had no testing and because of the poor weather condition, I only had an hour and a half dry track time though out the hole season up to the point were I left the championship, and still i was getting quicker and starting to challenge for points.

As this championship is now over for this season, I’m already looking at next year. The plan is to get a GP 250 and race in the British Championship to start with then, if I’m quick enough move up the the european champioship. This was something that was on the cards this year but i never really had enought people behing me (as in mechanic, or sponsors) to do it.

The european championship is the breading ground for world gp 250 riders and most of the riders in the motogp paddock have raced at some point in this championship.

As you may have already gather racing isn’t cheap and for me to be able to do this i’m going to need a bit of help!!! So if there’s anyone out there who might be able to help out as a mechanic of just fancy comin to the meetings and being a pair of hards and helping with the general running of the team.

As for anyone how might be able to help out with some of the running cost’s there would be hospitallity available as well as telivision coverage. I cant give any details on the tv coverage side of things as the organisers still havn’t conformed anything.

Or maybe you know of anyone who can help out please pass forward on this link or maybe send them in the direction of my website.

If you have any question please dont hesitate to get in touch.

For more info on me please visit john-eastwood.com

Sad to hear that news John. Please keep us informed of what you are doing and when, hopefully we can at least drum up some people to come and watch. Racing myself, I know how difficult it is to do everything yourself, let alone get the money together. I wish you lots of luck in trying to gain the sponsorship that you need.

Cheers for the support.

Just wondering if anyone knows of a mechanic that knows about 250’s in the south london area that wouldn’t mind giving me a bit of a hand on a couple of trackdays/race meetings???



Hi Jon,

Unfortunately, I can’t help financially, as I can just about afford to run my bike, neither do I have any 250 knowledge, but if I can help in other ways, let me know and I will try.

All the best with your racing.

Hi bigSV,

Cheers for the reply, That’s a very kind offer.

I should be testing in the next month so i’ll Keep you posted.

Are you from the south london area???