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Sponsor me for London 2 Brighton

Hi All

Just thought i would post up to ask you to sponsor me in this years L2B bike ride. Myself, Tiggi and a few others are doing the 6am start (it’s worth sponsoring me just for being in London at this time on a Sunday alone!!) and any donations will be a great help for the British Heart Foundation and i’m sure Tiggi’s link will be posted here shortly.

Link in Sig, thanks in advance.

Thanks for the first donation, you know who you are. :smiley:


You don’t mention it’s pedal power and no pushing it up Ditchling Beacon, slog it out to the top and it’s all downhill to Brighton :wink:

I intend to make it up ‘the hill’ on pedal power and may even invest in a air horn to get the ‘walkers’ outta my way!! :smiley:

Good man and good luck

Been there and done that 7 times, only ever pushed it up Ditchling Beacon once due to the congestion caused by walkers rather than fatigue :wink:

Just thought i’d mention that I have 4 spaces available for anyone who wants to do the bike ride this year, you will need to register by 4pm tomorrow (Friday 15th) - pm me for the link to the team as i believe normal registration is now closed.


If you guys are looking for someone to do a bit of training with give me a shout :wink:

Here’s my piece of machinery woof woof

As long as you promise not to wear that getup! Lol

Thanks for the donation Mark, very much appreciated.

Is JesteR6 doing it in fancy dress? :smiley:

Oh dear god its this Sunday coming - cant believe i have to set an alarm on a bloody Sunday and get up ealrier then I would for work!!!

Thanks for the sponsors guys, more welcome! :smiley:

Where’s the link

That’s an old post :slight_smile:

Yer right I realy should bring my glasses home

Good luck and have fun :slight_smile:

When I did it a few years ago, I couldn’t feel my little fingers for a week after for some reason. Riding on an ancient BMX thing with no working gears didn’t help :slight_smile:

If you’ve not done it before, take it easy - I’ve seen some nasty pile-ups of bikes getting too close together and fast in some of the busy bits - especially on the downhills near the start :pinch: