Split pin alternative?

I’ve been rebuilding my rear master cylinder, and it appears a split pin isn’t part of the rebuild kit I got. I don’t really have any halfords nearby, so what could I use temporarily/permanently as a split pin? :man_shrugging:

hair pin? wire?

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Ive used a safety pin before, not going to pretend it was a temporary fix either


Wire coat hangar. Normal pliers will be tough enough to cut a bit off the end.

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They used to be really useful for lots of things but don’t see so many now.

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Cheers guys :+1: Hair pin repurposed… there seems to be a lot of them scattered around the house for some reason. Master cylinder assembled and fitted to the bike. Going to cross my fingers and bleed the system tomorrow morning.

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Your going to ‘fix’ your brakes with a brittle hair pin? if that’s not a failure waiting to happen I don’t know what is.

eBayis your best friend for split pins

Oh, it’s just a temporary fix. The plan is to get a pack of pins to replace the hair pin and for any future work. I just wanted to finish with the bike so I can use it to get to work. I do loathe taking the public transport :unamused:

There seems to be loads of different options and sizes. Anything more specific I should aim for? Are there common automotive/bike pin sizes?

I keep one of these handy in the garage https://www.amazon.co.uk/Assortment-Stainless-Fasteners-Campers-Equipment/dp/B08GH51DVR/

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The size of split pin will be determined by the diameter of the hole, measure the hole using a drill bit or take a punt on the 2mm x 25mm.

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