Watch the reporter closely, talk about a Haircut!!


Fantastic, I remember that one. Awesome plane, in its hayday, and even now, the sound is incredible I think!

“**** me!”

Why do I think it lost something in translation by the time it was broadcast?

On the same note …here’s a P-38 lightning Fighter, check out the props… they counter-rotate to each other , Japanese used to call it the “whistling death”


Woww! … love that Spitfire video! … I used to live out near High Wycombe, where there’s an airfield at Booker … it was home to the last flying Mosquito … and when that sucka flew over, which it did quite frequently, it was an immense thing to see & hear!! … two Rolls Royce Merlins singing together!!

Unfortunately, it was purchased by an American … a great piece of British heritage lost!

We do still have the last flying Lancaster though. She’s called The City Of Lincoln and she’s part of the Battle Of Britain Flight … four Merlins! … what a sound she makes!!

I used to live in Booker. 79-81, I remember all sorts of old wartime n light aircraft buzzin about then. Prolly the same ones as you.

Used to just hang about the airfield until we got chased off. Happened every weekend in summer. Aaaaaah, those were the days.