Speeding Case

Loads of people have been asking about an update on my court appearance on my speeding case, and been giving me great support, which I thank you all for, especially cos now the CPS have dropped my case!! :)Big thanks have to go to Andrew Campbell of Withy-King, who has been a massive help in getting this result, see the praise section.

so wont be needing a truck for the LB trackday, and will be able to go on the USR training day, and should be able to do a confidence rideout fairly soon!

Great news E!:smiley:

Must be a huge weight off your shoulders now:)

Fantastic news honey :smiley:

obviously you weren’t doing that much when caught…but keep an eye on your speedo from now on :wink:

Brilliant news ! :cool:

Great news :smiley: Can I uncross me fingers now? :wink:

Fantastic news mate! Really good to hear.

Cheers guys! all fingers/toes can now be uncrossed (including my own!!), and I have been more cautious around town now…thank you mel :wink:

Good news.

Celebrate with a three figure blat on some tasty A roads… :w00t:

hehe what me? never… reformed man and all that…:wink:

Congratulations! Best of luck with your car test also!

Nice one fella, lady luck was shining down on you there !

good to hear :slight_smile:

Congrats mate… Although I think it was a foregone conclusion that it would get thrown out by CPS;)

If the Police Officer in question had gotten the colour of your bike, and other details, correct you might have had a different outcome though, eh?:P:P:P

+1 on the car test, good luck mate. When is it booked for?

Good on ya mate! Congrats!

Great news.

That’s good news Elad, time to relax now. Good luck for the next car test.

Brilliant news fella! :smiley:

that is a great result Elad…those leathers must have sent the right message to the courts…:smiley:

As I said nice one mate. See it goes to show, always fight it. Having the best solicitor also helps :wink:

Good news mate welcome back to the two wheeled world of fun.