Speedfight Sound Board!

As per Jay’s request here is my topic on my sound board. lol

It is custom made board with a 300w amp and 2x 100w LED speakers. Comes with a 3.5mm standard headphone connection and plugs stright into a iPod or such.

What does everyone think?

Did you help do this???

Yeah that was one of my projects!

i want one too!

That’s really cool Gazza! You should make a video (use your phone and upload to youtube?) and show us how it’s installed and what it sounds like Do you use it whilst riding or just to impress friends & girls when stopped? How long did it take, and cost, etc…

cost me about £100 to do, and is made from a MDF board covered in felt. took a few days to make and I had to re-wire it and install a blade fuse holder. runs directly from the battery and the takes a 7.5w fuse.

I can use it both while riding and when parked up.

i will do some videos on saturday and post a link.

get a car…