Speedferries welcome bikes back

Good news for bikers. :slight_smile:

Introductory £15.00 per crossing

From: SpeedFerries [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: 26 October 2007 11:27 am
Subject: SpeedFerries welcomes back Motorcyclists…

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Dear Customer

It’s with great pleasure that SpeedFerries can once more welcome motorcyclists aboard

As you may recall, the carriage of motorcycles was halted because of the inefficiencies of securely lashing the cycles onboard. After an extensive, global search, a solution that allows us to safely carry motorcycles once more has been found right here in the UK.

Hitchlugger, a small niche company, was founded by motorcycle enthusiast Geoffrey Kendall. Having grown his business by making Motorcycle Carriers for other enthusiasts, Geoffrey was delighted to come to Dover and adapt his product for SpeedFerries. Ideally suited for the fast craft, the carrier enables motorcycles to be stowed speedily and securely during all weathers.

Introductory GBP15 per crossing!

The new carrier systems will be in place 5 November 2007 and are already available to book online. Book now at introductory prices starting from just GBP15 per crossing for travel throughout 2008, there couldn’t be a better time to secure your trial of the new system.

Glad to have you back

Kind regards

Curt Stavis
Chief Executive Officer

Check full conditions and book on-line at www.speedferries.com

mmm a bike trip abroad… I like the sound of that :smiley:

I’m just running in the new bandit now… but wouldn’t mind a ride down to see my mum…

She’s Near Limoges… Can probably sort some free accommodation if you don’t mind roughing it a bit (house under construction lol)


good news ive not crossed by ferry yet but will have to give i a go now

Thanks, Jim. Good news indeed!

I enjoyed the Portsmouth - Cherbourg crossing; 42 mph was it?

Worth enduring two hours ciggie-free.:stuck_out_tongue:

There is something peeps should be aware of with this.

i suspect that the real reason they stopped bikes was through claims on damage in storms back in the spring… they say it was due to the time taken to strap down but that’s probably a bit of spin!

They’ve yet to come back to me to give details of this new ‘Hitchlugger’ system but as all users of the tunnel will know great ideas don’t always work. (the tunnel shelved their wheel brace system and now simply park bikes up). If you have an expensive bike and happen upon a storm on the channel you need to know your bike is not in a great heap along with all the others next to it.

I’ll let you know what they say and will certainly give it a go myself as I use that fast ferry a lot - several times a month, as it saves not only money on a crossing but also miles as Boulogne is only a short and very pleasurable hop to my girlfriends in Le Touquet.

However my bike is now an aging RS 1100 BMW and worth taking the risk with, If I owned a new duc … or anything near new I would need some assurance!