Speed Triple Exhaust Studs

Does anyone know a good mobile mechanic who can get my ancient 21 year old corroded exhaust studs out? They will probably need a welder. I’ve not got the time or energy to tackle this. Based in Welling, DA16 within M25, but outside ULEZ zone (for now).

MHP Exhausts has always been my go-to for anything exhaust related. Mark is a great engineer/craftsman. He has performed custom work for me before. It might be worth asking him if you can’t find anyone more local.

Sondel Yamaha is not far from Welling. They are nice people and probably can help.

Bike is sorn, no ins or mot. So hence mobile mechanic required.

Try some plusgas. Got my studs out of the XV that had been there 26 years without any issue.

Soaked them in PlusGas for a couple of months, not moving. Also used some special rust spray as well from the states. One moved slightly, but I’ve not got time to take them all out. Really do need to farm this out.

muddy sump is often highly regarded, but he does the whole country so you have to book in advance

Got them out. Used two types of stud extractors and got all six of them out. Lots of lubricant and some heat via a small blowtorch. Put in the new studs with copper grease and have refitted the exhaust. New copper gaskets used as well.



Nice work. That’s a tricky situation to be in!

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