Speed Triple 1200 RS

Daymn. The new 2021 model looks fab. Significant power jump, first-rate track quality chassis and nice Street-Triple style aesthetics.

I really enjoyed my test-ride on the last model. I think I need to follow it up with a go on this.

Speed Triple 1200 | For the Ride (triumphmotorcycles.co.uk)

Spec’d a touring version out on their configurator:

with an all-new 1160cc triple engine.

So what’s that per cylinder…386.666666666666





Oh yes, that’s a good looking bike. I wonder if there’s there room for another 1200 Triumph in my garage…

I’ve had a think and my bank manager says no :frowning:

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Looks like it will inspire Super Duke levels of hooliganism.

Gonna disagree, that headlight looks awful. Like a saggy pair of tits.


I guess it can’t be a streetfighter supernaked unless it looks like it’s been in a fight and lost

Still can’t understand why it’s just boring colours again, same as the street.

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I like the look of it but that headlight is off. Seems to be following the KTM superduke line of style.

It looks like a submissive dog, being told off

Or if you’re in marketing, a venomous snake ready to jump on it’s pray like a lethal predator…

The colour choices have been rubbish for years from Triumph. Only 2 available with this model.

I wanna go back to the luminous green speed 4

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There was a time of some outrageous colours across manufacturers. Both Triumph and Kawasaki did some lurid colours.

Seems to be standard these days for nakeds, they’re all at it with the saggy headlights. Shift it up about 3 inches and it would look much better. It’s the only bit I’m not keen on

In fact look at the headlight on the 1290 Superduke R, looks bloody awful

Aerodynamic performance probably had a part to play in the headlight design. I quite like it.

Any aerodynamic efficiency will be countered by my lifetime kebab appreciation


Well, your kebab-shape aside, they have to keep making the bikes more efficient to meet regulation requirements and aerodynamic performance is one way they do this :slight_smile:

Jay, found a pick of Serrisan after a kebab binge, not sure there is much Aero Dynamics can do to help…


That’s one fat hole.

That’s a rear diffuser to help Cd


Surely finding a guy on a kwak forum to cut bits out kf off my frame would yield a better weight saving.

How very dare you sir!

I have never ridden a sports bike in my life