Speed Triple 1200 RR in London?

Hey folks! Great to meet you all, this is my first post. I’m moving from California to London in January and wondering if I should buy my current Speed Triple 1200 RR again (I am in love with that motorcycle). As in Cali, I would use the bike for commuting, weekend rides and occasional track days.

If any of you have a ST1200RR and use it around London (or a similar sport bike) I would love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks and hope to meet you all soon!

This is the outgoing…


If you like it there is no reason not to use one for commuting and fun in and around London.

The usual caveats apply:

  • Locking bikes in public in central London is a security and insurance nightmare. You can only consider owning/using a good bike if you have secure parking both ends.
  • Check your insurance quotes carefully before you buy - I presume you will be a first time customer taking out a UK policy and will be charged heavily. You might find some will recognise policies held abroad more than others - much research to be done.

Good luck with the move. Maybe see you on a ride out some day.


You might find it impossible to insure, so I’d check that first.

Are you moving permanently? Do you yet know where you’ll be living? Having a garage will make a huge difference to your ability to insure the bike in London. Living just outside the M25 will also make the insurance cheaper, generally.

Thank for the tips, appreciate it. The move will be permanent yes and the plan is to live around Westminster / Pimlico. I was reading about Q-Park as an option for parking, there are a couple close by.

Will also definitely reach out to insurance companies to understand my options, didn’t expect that to be so difficult…

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Be careful with definitions of ‘garage’, ‘car park’ etc. Some insurance companies treat parking within shared car parks, regardless of whether they are underground, secured by massive steel doors, patrolled by 24h guards and overseen by CCTV, as the same high risk as being parked on the street. This is because shared garages by definition have multiple users.

Many will use the phrase ‘a garage means a storage unit built of brick with secure metal doors to which only you, or your family, have exclusive access’.

Also one question insurers will ask is if the vehicle is kept overnight at the same address that you live at. Once you say ‘no’ some insurers will not quote.

Unfortunately insurance in London is one of the reasons people either do not own a bike or do not own the bike they actually want.

Yes Manu,

Get the bike, it will be awesome! Winter isn’t the best time for riding bikes, compared to California but use Ebay or Autotrader to find one and enjoy it!