speed trap eastbound on Euston Road at exit of underpass

they were this morning …same place I got caught six years ago. Was behind a range rover and was about to open up and had a look first and there they were at the top. Last time I saw them there they did a couple days in a row.

yeah, I saw them too in similar circumstances, was just opening up a little when I spotted the high vis. Not seen them there for ages, thanks for the tip, will keep an eye out tomorrow too.

Underpass exits seem to be plods favorite hidey-place around here.

Trinity Rd Wandsworth - a 3 lane motorway sized stretch but limited to 40mph has plod stationed there at least once a week southbound - easy money.

A3 underpasses leaving London are another favourite - especially early on a sunny Sunday to catch those going for a ride-out in the country.

It’s got to the stage where every time I see an underpass I expect to see a yellow coated plod pointing his hairdryer at me.