Speed restrict bikes, says 122mph jailed biker!

“I don’t know why manufacturers make bikes that fast, they should be speed-restricted”

THE BIKER recently jailed for six months for speeding at 122mph with his son riding pillion has said he thinks all high-performance motorcycles should be restricted.
Speaking to the North Devon Journal before his court appearance and subsequent jail sentence, Robert Bennett, 47, said:

"That bike was just so fast. You only have to touch the throttle and boom, it’s gone. I never would have knowingly travelled at that speed, especially with my son on the back.

“These bikes react amazingly quickly and sometimes it is very hard to tell how fast you are actually going.”

Bennett then explains how he put his 1300cc Suzuki Hayabusa up for sale as soon as he found out he’d been caught on camera:

“When I realised what I had done I felt very ashamed and had to get rid of the bike as soon as possible — I didn’t want it to happen again. In hindsight, I don’t know why manufacturers make bikes that fast, they should be speed-restricted.”

Finally, Bennett completely turns his back on motorcycling, saying:

“I will never buy a bike that fast again, in fact, I think I’ll stick to my car in the future.”


What a twat!
I wish we wouldn’t need law to protect people against their own stupidity. Nobody is forced to ride a bike faster than they choose.

also im sure at 1st he admitted knowing the speed and said ‘it was only for a very short period of time though’…plus, the busa is restricted :smiley:

He does come across as a twat given the timing of the news report. But if you remember that he said this apparrently "before his court appearance ", then it’s clear he was in full “repentant court mode” and probably would have said anything if he thought it would help his case.

Classic case of backpeddaling !

When i told my car driving mate about this guy the other day, his resonse was ‘well bikes are too fast they should only do 70mph cos thats the national speed limit. Cars should be able to go fater though cos theyre safer’.

I stopped talking to him for a while after that. Then i called him a C*** and told him the error of his ways… Cars faster than bikes!! Pfttttt! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok OK tell you what, I will do you a favour and take the busa off yer hands, you can thank me later (in ways you learnt inside :w00t: )

Until i read this i had a bit of sympathy for the bloke,i mean a prison sentence for 122mph,i’d hate to think what i’d get if i got caught on the occasions i wind it round to the throttle stops in the first 3 or 4 gears,or the 5th,and 6th;) god u gotta love them timing retard eliminators:Dbut **** fella,have some balls,put ya hands up say ya got caught and be a man about it,dont start blaming the bike

and this is just priceless

)))))NO IT AINT U DIV((((( look at the speedo you muppet

It’s called a throttle Mr. Co©k.

If you don’t know how it works, I’m glad you’re sticking with cars.

Moron :doze:

I think the guy just didn’t want to go to jail, i agree as a biker if he can’t say anything nice then don’t speak also the only reason they jailed him was because he had his son on the bike.

I saw one of those police stop programs on tv and they caught a guy doing 140 mph and he got 6 points and a 700 pound fine.

As well as being a tw@t this pillock has now decided to turn traitor to his tribe! ;)He should keep his mouth shut - take his punishment and stay out of biking.We’re gonna have enough restrictive legislation to fight in the future without sh1t for brains like this adding to them.

I am sorry but you don’t buy a Busa and then claim its too fast…

Get a moped.

he’ll say anything to get out early…

“I will never buy a bike that fast again, in fact, I think I’ll stick to my car in the future.”

So he’ll be in a car from now on. Great

that tw@t just f##ks up biking for all real bikers.:angry::angry:

should have bought a moped them? we all know how quike they are.i admit when i had a busa i felt a bit ashamed,i only ever had it flat out twice;)

I have my head in my hands!!!

least its one idiot less wobbling around on the twisties lol

this the guy that did it wit a kid on that back if so **** that iam stupid but with some1 on the back **** that **** its just crazy how ever didnt h get a long time for this yer ppl that have done murder aint even got that long!