Speed Cameras

Anyone know how long it takes for a speed camera fine to arrive?
Been a few weeks, and keep expecting something in the post. :Whistling:

Notice of Intending Prosecution Letter has to be dated within 2 weeks from date of incident, or doesn’t count. Presuming it was a speed camera, not old bill with a gun.

See here: www.pepipoo.com/NIP.htm

Few weeks? - probably no film in camera, or one of the lucky ones.

Cheers Killer.
Feeling better already :cool:

Is it a different rule for a Kojak with a Kodak then?

Don’t really know -just wanted to clarify situation - presume if not NIP’d at side of road by badger with gun, then 2 week rule still applies, however I’m happy to be proved wrong (on this issue only):wink:

Unless you are told in person you will be reported for the offence of speeding,contraveing traffic lights, other road signs, careless, reckless and inconsiderate driving(and they have to use very specific wording to do this) a NIP needs to be served on you within 14 days of the date of the offence. It has apparently been held ('cause traffic law isn’t really my thing) that if the NIP was sent and was incapable of being delivered within the 14 days it’s not valid.

As said above if you’re told at the time that you will be reported for an offence then the 14 days are irrelevant,does’nt mean you will be prosecuted,just means they’ve got more than 14 days to deal with the matter.NIPS must arrive within 14 days,unless its a hire vehicle or company vehicle when obviously it takes more time to identify the driver at the time.

I’ve read once that only 7% of all cameras are actually armed (film).